Tame Rutabaga

Tame Rutabaga is an open sit-in band for a family dance series, held November-March in Delmar, NY.  Presented by Paul Rosenberg of Homespun Occasions, the family dances are a multi-generational dance of fun (sometimes silly!), easy, kid-friendly dances from the U.S. and around the world. Fun for all ages.

The band is made up of core musicians: Jim Broden (fiddle), Dave Gerhan (piano/accordion),  Patricia Kernan (flute/pennywhistle, fiddle), Jim Mead (guitar), Sue Mead (fiddle, tenor banjo, djembe).   Other musicians — be they young or “grown up” — are welcome to sit in with the band during the dance (or get up and dance whenever you like).

Check out the Family Dance schedule at Homespun Occasions.