Our Tunes

A collection of our own fiddle tunes. All tunes are copyright Suzanne Mead, unless otherwise noted.

We will be adding more recordings/videos, soon.

Swaggertown — Named for the road on which it was created. Sometimes I like to play this slow, then pick it up next time around. More of a hornpipe than a reel.

FIDDLE TUNE Files Yet To Come:

Liam’s Jig (c) 2006 S. Mead — (Jig in Em.)  For our grandson, Liam. While visiting our newborn first grandson, I was practicing for a gig and began playing this unnamed tune out of habit.  It had been rolling around in my head for a few years., but never took on a name.  It claimed its name, then and there – Liam’s Jig. It’s a strong, happy tune, like Liam. It’s become a jam session and dance favorite. Cool note: A friend took the tune to Australia, where it’s played for dances there.

Hamilton’s Gallop (S. Mead) — (Jig in D.) Occasionally needing a three-part jig for a dance, I decided to write one rather than try and remember how “The Blarney Pilgrim” starts out. Hamilton’s Gallop showed up, and I got thinking about a dance we played for at Conkling Hall, Rensselaerville, NY, and how my brother and sister-in-law had come to enjoy the music and dancing.  (In memory of Maryellen Hamilton).

Off to Carney’s — in honor of Rosemary & Bob Carney of Carney’s Tavern, Ballston Lake, NY (a jam session favorite hangout). They got to dance to it, on St. Patrick’s Day, the year before Bob’s passing.

Jimmy James — for my hubby šŸ™‚

The “D” Thing — Just couldn’t come up with a name, but someone would say “hey, play that… you know,… that D thing…”, and so we do.

Edmond’s – Yes, it kinda sounds a bit like THAT Edmond, and since people kept saying “Play the Edmond tune, it just stuck.

Beggerman’s Jig –– ya take a traditional reel and reshape it a tad (aka Red-Haired Boy as a jig).

Another Jig Will Do (Trad. 9/8 jig) / Another Reel Will Do (S. Mead) — ironed out the bouncy bits of the traditional fiddle tune, and kicked it up a notch.

Guilderland Fling — First real tune ever written.

Nothin’ To Do — I was bored, picked up the fiddle, and . . .

Toursday Night — A six-tune concoction in honor of the Tuesday night jam session, Fiddlers’ Tour (Bits of: Red-Haired Boy, Kitchen Girl, Devil’s Dream, Soldier’s Joy, Over the Waterfall, and a *hint* of Julia Delaney).

Skellington — has a Halloweeny sound. Written after a Halloween dance downstate and I was noodling on the mandolin.

Southwest Chief — Love traveling cross-country on the train, and have taken the Southwest Chief several times. This can be played slowly, and gradually pick up speed to hit that flat-out, run-the-rails tempo.

Kitchee-koo Polka — tickles my fancy.

Empty Nest — the house is now yours! You can claim that extra bedroom as your work space . . . or maybe not.

Turtle Convention — written after a hike by the lake, where I saw several turtles hanging out on a log.

Charlton Waltz — Every town needs a waltz.

Strawberry Waltz — I like strawberries. There’s lots of tunes to create, and lots of other fruit . . . Hmm . . .

And . . . more to come. Will add them when they show up under my fingers.